About Us

ThinkSmart is revolutionizing the way homes get sold.

We’ve been helping people buy and sell homes for 22 years and the old model of selling homes is outdated and broken. Why? Because in a digital world, the traditional commission system makes no sense based on what realtors actually do to help you sell your home. In the traditional model realtors provide very little value for the commission they charge.

How We Are Revolutionizing The System

  • No Commission: We charge a flat fee of $3000.
  • No Locked In Contract: We know you’ll be happy with us so we give you the option of canceling your listing contract at any time for any reason.
  • All the Services you Need: If repairs or improvements are needed, we’ll do them for you at wholesale costs. Relieving you of a major hassle and giving you the confidence that you know the work will be done by an experienced and professional contractor.
  • An Experienced Attorney: All of our contracts are drafted by or reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney who has been selling homes for over 17 years.

ThinkSmart Realty is a real estate brokerage company formed in 1999. We’re a total service brokerage that believes in giving the most value possible to our clients. We believe that the current system for selling real estate by the traditional brokerages benefits realtors at the expense of clients. We believe in today’s technological world it is necessary to offer more to our clients, and charge less for it, than the traditional brokerages.

ThinkSmart Realty was formed by Michael Samuels in 1999. Michael is an attorney turned real estate broker, and an unconventional thinker. He graduated Columbia College in 1980 and received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1985. Michael spent 11 years practicing law full time, and then decided to form his own real estate business. He formed Home Solutions, a real estate investment company in 1995, and ThinkSmart Realty in 1999. Over the years Home Solutions and ThinkSmart Realty have helped buyers and sellers purchase and sell hundreds of homes, and has rehabbed, rented and sold hundreds of homes themselves. Michael has continued to practice real estate law as well.

No other brokerage has ThinkSmart’s unique wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, buying, selling, rehabbing, and practicing law. Since every situation requires different knowledge and skill sets, this allows us to provide maximum value to our clients. Plus, we charge a fair price, not a commission, where what we get paid has nothing to do with what we bring to the table—it just depends, for some reason, on the value of your house.

Not bragging, just saying.