How We’re Different

We Handle Whatever You Need Us to Handle

Guess what­—all real estate companies sell houses the same way. You need a strong listing in the MLS with professional quality pictures; the listing then appears on all the home-selling websites, like Zillow, Trulia, and; a sign is placed in the yard, open-houses are held. Then the buyer or the buyer’s agent finds the listing online, or sees the yard sign, and schedules a showing. In this respect, and only in this respect, we are like the other real estate companies. We do a superb job at this—better than others, we think, because of the depth of our experience, and knowledge of all aspects of real estate. But, we take the hassle and hard work out of the rest of the process.

House prep. Do you really want to do it, or would you rather have us handle it?

  • The house should show clean and well. We can send our cleaners in to put a shine on it. If you need to get rid of clutter, we can handle that.
  • Landscaping. Curb appeal is essential. We can have our landscapers clean up the yard and get it in shape.
  • Are there rooms that could use a coat of paint? Ask us to do it.
  • Do you want to remodel a dated bathroom? We can handle that as well.

We Do Repairs

When you enter into a contract with the buyer, there will be an inspection. The inspector’s job is to find problems with your house, and they almost always will. They’ll nitpick, you’ll get annoyed, and then you’ll probably agree to make some repairs to keep the deal. There may be a plumbing issue, or a cracked slab of concrete, or bad flashing on the roof, or an issue with the furnace. Do you want to find the plumber, the mason, and the heating contractor, and then meet with each of them, negotiate with them, get multiple bids? We will handle it.

Any contract work will be done at the volume discount prices we receive from the contractors we work with on a daily basis.

Legal Review

Every contract will be reviewed by an experienced attorney. The broker and owner of ThinkSmart Realty is a graduate of Harvard Law School, an attorney with 32 years of experience, and reviews all the paperwork. Selling or buying a home is usually the largest commercial transaction you make—don’t you want a lawyer making sure it’s done correctly, and that your interests are properly protected?

Guarantee of Satisfaction

We do not lock you into a listing contract.  Typically, when you agree to list your home with a real estate company, you sign a contract committing you to list the property with that company for a set period, frequently as long as six months.  If you’re unhappy, you can’t change companies and realtors—you’re stuck and have to wait it out until the contract expires.  ThinkSmart Realty allows you to cancel the listing contract at any time.

It has never happened, but it’s nice to know that you have freedom of choice and action.

No other real estate company provides these services. Simple as that.