Taking the Stress Out of Selling Your Home

By Michael | November 30, 2016 | Categories: Selling

All real estate companies will give your home the same market exposure. It’s called the internet. At thinksmart realty, we recognize that the greatest value we provide is in our role as adviser. Throughout the process of selling your home, you’ll be making decisions.

What is the right price to list the home?

We provide a detailed analysis, looking carefully at the comparable sales in the neighborhood. Does having a finished basement seem to affect the price in this neighborhood? What about a deck? Number of bathrooms? All these distinctions between homes affect prices in different ways in different neighborhoods. If a 1000 square foot house has 500 square feet of finished living space in the basement that will make a much bigger difference than if a 3000 square foot has a partially finished basement. It takes analysis to figure it out—not just plugging some criteria in the computer and letting it spit out the results.

What issues should we deal with now so they don’t come up on inspection? We’ll go through the house with you in detail and make suggestions. You want to take care of obvious issues before you put the house on the market. Is the furnace ancient? The inspector will get you on that. Replace it now or be prepared to give some money at closing to the buyer. Do you have cracked floor tile in the basement? Might it contain asbestos? Encapsulate it now with a coat of paint (perfectly permissible) before it scares a buyer off. Are there issues you are unwilling to fix? Should we make that clear by putting that in the listing from the beginning?

Are there disclosure issues that need to be dealt with? Leakage in the basement? Prior fire damage, drainage problems?

Are there inexpensive improvements that will increase your sale price well beyond the cost of the improvement? Paint a room that’s ugly. Replace some damaged carpet. Plant some flowers and shrubs. We can advise you on all these items.

When it comes to negotiating the deal, how do you get to the buyer’s bottom line? When do you sense that you’re about to lose the buyer—that it’s time to stop the back-and-forth and lock them in?

If the buyer comes back with a long list of repairs they want after the inspection, we need to determine together what is important, what may be a deal-breaker, what the cost of agreeing is, what the likelihood of the same issues coming up with the next buyer may be.

The closing is delayed because the lender hasn’t approved the loan yet. Do you grant an extension? Is that going to just drag out a deal that’s not going to close? What is the lender saying? What type of comfort letter can you get from the lender to help you decide?

This is where the benefit of experience, integrity, knowledge and skill comes in and at ThinkSmart, this is the value we bring to the table. Call us at 513-237-4925.